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This is the time of year when families are heading out to visit relatives and college age children are returning home for the holidays. For a hitchhiking bug, like Cimex lectularius, also known as the bed bug, it is the perfect time of year to spread--and spread it has. Every year for the last 20 years these blood eating bugs have made a startling resurgence; but you don't have to be the next victim.

Bed Bug Tips For Travelers

  • Before unpacking in your room, thoroughly inspect for bed bugs.

  • Leave luggage in your vehicle or on the floor in bathroom while you do your inspection, so there is less chance of bugs getting into your bags.

  • Pull bed covers down on all the beds and search for black smears, shed bug skins, urine or blood stains, or these rust-colored, oval shaped bugs.

  • Inspect all mattress seams and corners. Be sure to look underneath as well. If you see black or brown staining, shed skins, or these bugs, contact the front desk immediately.

  • Use a flashlight to quickly examine walls near the baseboards and around outlets.

  • If you find bed bugs in your room, it is safe to be relocated to another room as long as it is not above, below, or adjacent to your old room. Bed bugs can travel through walls, but there is little chance that these bugs will be widespread throughout your accommodations. Infestations are most often isolated to a single or a few adjoining rooms.

Bed Bug Tips For Homeowners

  • A bed bug infestation in your home can start with a batch of eggs in the seams of your luggage. Bed bug eggs do not require the mother to hatch. Shake out clothes and Check all your luggage seams closely BEFORE bringing them into the house when your return home from a trip.

  • Wash and dry all clothing on the hottest temperature. This kills all bed bug developmental stages, including eggs.

  • If your college-age kids return home with any clothing or bedding, be sure to wash and dry those on the hottest temperatures as well.

  • Be aware that dormitories are especially susceptible to bed bugs. If your kids bring furniture home, be aware that these bugs can be inside. Look for black staining.

Bed Bug Tips For Businesses

  • Don't wait for a bed bug infestation to happen. In this age of instant access to digital reviews, your business can't afford a bad bed bug report. At Rottler, we have bed bug sniffing K-9 Inspectors that quickly and effectively check rooms without disturbing the tenants or items inside.

  • When you need to protect your business from bed bugs, Rottler has the most advanced and effective solutions available.

Stay safe from bed bugs this holiday season. Stop the spread and spread the word. Together, we can stomp out bed bug infestations.

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