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Heat Drives Infestation of Black Widow Spiders in Missouri

Exterminators have been busy dealing with an exploding population of black widows in Oklahoma and Missouri so far this summer season.

Pest control experts say because of the heat, the shudder-inducing spiders are thriving, KOTV reported.

Mark Lasater with the Oklahoma based The Bug Guy exterminator company says the spiders have been infesting gardens, garages, jungle gyms and toys.

He warned if people see a large white egg, a black widow spider is likely nearby. But Lasater also says if you don't disturb their web, then the spiders will not come after you.

The Missouri based Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions also reported an invasion of black widow spiders tied to the intense heat this summer.

They say the black widow spiders have been more prevalent in homes across central Missouri, including in St. Louis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the bite from a black widow can be distinguished from other insect bites by the two puncture marks it makes in the skin. The venom is a neurotoxin that produces pain at the bite area and then spreads to the chest, abdomen, or the entire body, possibly leading to death.

Doctors warn, if you are bitten, you are urged to quickly get to a doctor.

Pest control officials say outbreaks of black widows occur sporadically. An area may have thousands one year and none the next depending on the weather conditions.

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