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Summer Pest Control Services In St. Louis

The heat and humidity are on their way to St. Louis. With temperatures expected to stay in the 80s for a while, our St. Louis exterminators want to remind residents in the area that pest infestations could become worse as the heat and humidity continue throughout the summer months. Hot outdoor temperatures tend to send insects inside for relief and humidity is always a favorable condition for many pests. So when the two are together, there is a good chance that your home or property could experience an increase in the insects and critters, unless you are prepared that is. What do our St. Louis pest professionals recommend? In conjunction with your year round pest control services, here are a few more ways to help beat the pests that are taking advantage of your home and property when the heat and humidity sets in:


Install a home dehumidifier if your home has particularly high humidity levels. Not only will you be reducing the threat of mold growth inside but you will also be reducing the threat of pests by creating less favorable conditions for them to breed and thrive.


Repair leaky pipes both inside and outside of the home. Any small leaks can really add up overtime thus creating soggy, moist conditions that many pests will surely enjoy. Mosquitoes, carpenter ants, termites, these are all pests that especially thrive in moist conditions.


Be sure that your home is properly sealed off. This means caulking gaps and holes along the foundation, windows and doors. It also means applying screens to utility openings such as vents and chimneys. If the pests don’t have easy access to the inside of the home, they will find another place for refuge.


Eliminate sources of food in the home which includes keeping all open food stored in containers and also making sure to wipe and clean any crumbs or spills right away. Ants are a big one here; they will be on the hunt for even the smallest crumbs that you leave behind.


As mentioned before, these tips are a great way to keep pests out during the summer months in Missouri. But it is always best to continue your home pest control services in order to really prevent the threat of a major infestation this summer. If you would like to learn more about St. Louis pest control to beat the summer pests, please contact the pest control professionals at Rottler today!

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