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Nothing can damage a beautiful lawn faster than grubs--except maybe the animals that eat grubs. One that you may not have thought to be concerned about is armadillos. These armored invaders cross your property line like medieval siege weapons in search of these and other bugs, insects and small invertebrates, digging holes in your turf as they go. Their foraging efforts can do significant damage to a manicured lawn or golf course, and disturb and damage the root systems of trees, bushes and shrubs. If these tunnels run under a concrete slab, they can cause air pockets that weaken the slab and warp the structure on it. They can be a pain for mobile home owners as well, by causing sunk down areas for water to accumulate under a home, instead of running out and away.

Okay. Armadillos are a pain, but are they really a problem in St. Louis?

Actually, as reported by Fox 2 news, they are a growing problem. With milder winters and armadillos adapting to the local climate, armadillo sightings are on the rise. Mike Beran, owner of Wildlife Command Center says, "If you go out toward Hillsboro and south of Festus--I mean every day--you see them on the side of the road." Beran believes that piles of dirt turned up by construction workers are giving these pests a place to live on their way to living in your yard.

So, how do you get rid of a creature that comes with its own coat of chainmail?

If an armadillo has moved in, it is time to call a pest control company that has specialization and experience in trapping wildlife. Trying to capture these creatures on your own can be an exercise in futility. Since these creatures can smell food up to 8 inches deep in the ground, it is hard to lure them in with an above ground bait and you can even draw raccoons and opossums instead, adding to your pest problem.

Keep your lawn, trees and ornamentals safe from all destructive wildlife pests. Call the St. Louis wildlife control experts at Rottler. We know how to safely trap and remove armadillos and other invaders. Plus, we can show you methods that will keep these pests from plaguing your lawn in the future. Armadillos are an increasing problem, but they don't have to be a problem for your lawn and your home. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions has the solution for you. Schedule your free inspection today!

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