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Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Or maybe you are starting other holiday preparations now, to get them out of the way before the craziness of the Holiday season is upon us? At Rottler, we recommend getting holiday decorations, including lights, up now with our holiday decorating services so this task is finished and out of the way. Then you can focus on other holiday preparations when November is over. Here are some excellent reasons why it’s ok to starting hanging Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, from the holiday home décor specialists at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions!

  1. Getting this part of your holiday decorating finished before the big rush means that you will be ahead of the game when everyone else is scrambling to schedule their home decorating services.

  2. Knowing how many lights to string on your home and getting all the right extension cords can be a real hassle; hiring professionals to decorate your house can save you a lot of stress and headache.

  3. Being the last person on the block to get their Christmas lights up is always a little embarrassing; get those lights up early and enjoy the holidays worry-free with exceptional services from Rottler’s holiday decorating team.

  4. Having your house decorated really puts you in the holiday spirit! If you’ve been looking for a way to get into the holidays, seeing your home decorated with our beautiful lights and decorations will really put the holiday spirit into you and your family.

  5. The cold and wintery weather is almost here- decorating your home while it’s snowing is dangerous- get to your home decorating before the bad weather hits!

  6. When you choose Rottler to decorate your home, we will set up, maintain, remove and pack up your decorations for you, storing them for the rest of the year. Rottler offers some of the most hassle-free holiday decorating services around; contact us today to make your holiday decorating appointment!

Even though Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, choosing to contact the holiday decorating professionals at Rottler now to hang your holiday lights is a great way to get ahead of the big rush. Give us a call and see how our holiday decorating services can make your home the envy of the neighborhood this holiday season.


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