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german cockroach

When cockroaches get into a business, they bring in harmful bacteria, human pathogens, parasitic worms, and allergens. This can have an adverse effect on customers and employees alike. And, while these dirty insects are a plague for any business, there are some businesses that are impacted more than others.

Cockroaches are a particular threat to restaurants because they don't just taint the food, they taint the reputation of the restaurant they infest. This can lead to long-lasting public image problems like inclusion on a dirty dining list. Restaurants aren't the only food prep business that are affected by cockroaches. Any business that has a kitchen can have a serious problem when cockroaches get in. These parasitic pests can have an impact on a bed and breakfast, hotel kitchen, resort dining area, school cafeteria, college commissary, and more. Hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry must also contend with the fact that cockroaches disturb guests. And, with practically every guest having the potential to create negative buzz on social media, it is best to not have cockroaches around.

In our Kansas City service area, we have four primary cockroach pests we deal with: Oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches, brownbanded cockroaches, and Pennsylvania wood cockroaches. Each of these insects has its own habits and habitat preferences and require different methods to effectively exclude and manage them. It is best to have a professional pest control company apply these methods, especially in sensitive environments. This will ensure that you get the control you need while continuing to stay in compliance with all governmental regulations.

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we protect businesses, inside and out, with advanced Integrated Pest Management and industry-leading commercial pest control solutions. Our team uses a wide range of methods and protocols that are broadly accepted as the best practices for commercial applications. And our team has earned the QualityPro mark of excellence from the National Pest Management Association. Whether you're struggling with cockroaches or some other unwanted pest, you can rely on Rottler to get your business protected.

If you own or manage a business in our Missouri service area, reach out to Rottler today. We'll help you create a comprehensive pest control plan specifically for your business and help you address all of the pest pressures you're dealing with, not just cockroaches.

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