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mouse next to a thanksgiving turkey in st louis

In light of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday we wanted to take a minute to remind St. Louis families that humans are not the only ones who love turkey and the rest of the Thanksgiving feast. And we’re not just talking about your pets begging from underneath the table. During the holidays when there is an abundance of turkey and trimmings, pests like mice, rats and roaches are all eager to steal some leftovers.

Not only are pests a disgusting sight that will make you lose your appetite for pumpkin pie but they also carry with them many dangers. Here are just some of the reasons that you do not want to find pests in your home, especially during the holidays:

  • They carry a whole host of diseases including Hantavirus and Salmonella.

  • Their excrement will contaminate food and food preparation areas making them dangerous to consume.

  • They breed quickly! What started as a small problem can quickly become a full on infestation.

  • Rodents may cause structural damages and even fire hazards from their constant need to gnaw.

Clearly, pests and your holidays do not mix well. Despite all of the threats that rodents, roaches and other common household pests pose, there are also ways that you can help to prevent pest problems during the holiday season.

  1. Keep doors closed as much as possible.

  2. Apply weather stripping to the doors for a nice seal.

  3. Fill in any holes or cracks along the exterior of the home with a sealant.

  4. Take the trash out regularly and keep it stored in bins with lids.

  5. Store all open food in airtight containers, especially those tasty leftovers.

If your home in St. Louis or surrounding Mid-Missouri areas is experiencing a pest problem this holiday season, be sure that you call in the St. Louis pest control pros right away before the infestation gets worse. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions our team is commitment to providing the highest quality of safe and effective pest control services in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri so that you do not have to share your dinner table with those uninvited guests.

For more information on our home pest solutions, please contact us at Rottler today!

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