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There are few pests that can plague you and your pet like fleas can. And, if you have a pet that is allergic to flea bites, not only will you be dealing with itchy red bites, but you'll also be dealing with costly visits to the vet. The good news is; we have a solution you may not have thought of.

Sure. Every pet owner knows about flea collars, sprays, and powders. Over the counter flea control products are definitely the first line of defense against fleas. These products, however, are far from a complete solution. Why? Because fleas are incredibly resilient creatures that don't just live on your pet.

Can you get rid of fleas on your own? Sometimes. If you go through all the steps, it is possible to get your home flea-free again; but it is really hard to do. And, when you've finished with all the rigorous steps required, you may find yourself doing it all again in a month. We believe there is a better way.

We've made flea control a part of our Signature Plus Pest Protection program. Fleas are only one of many pests that can cause you troubles: ants invade your pantry, cockroaches spread illness, yellow jackets sting, mice and rats chew, and the list goes on and on. Not only are these pests disgusting to have around, they can hurt you, your family, your pets, and your home.

It can cost a lot to have individual pests controlled. Mostly because it costs a lot to have a service team sent out to a home. But, when pest measures are done simultaneously as part of a routine visit, we can reduce service times and save you money.

If you've had it up to your eyeballs with fleas, why not take this opportunity to say goodbye to a whole host of invasive pests? This is a significant quality of life upgrade. When you have our Signature Plus Pest Protection program, you won't have to deal with the occasional spider sitting on the tub drain, slurping up water droplets. You won't have to listen to the creepy sound of cockroaches skittering across the kitchen floor, or worse, zooming up the wall. You won't be finding insect webs in your pantry food. And, you won't have to deal with fleas or the cost of vet bills a flea infestation can lead to.

The Signature Plus Pest Protection program from Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions will protect your property with services performed monthly when pests are most active and every other month during the remaining months of the year, with the most advanced pest protocols in the industry, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Having an issue between treatments? No problem! Rottler offers extra services at no additional charge.

Find out how nice life can be. Get your pest plan in place today and say goodbye to more than just fleas.

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