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If you've recently relocated to St. Louis from somewhere north, and you've found that your new home has a lawn filled with Zoysia grass, it may be a little bit of a culture shock. Taking care of a lawn that has a warm-season grass like zoysia is a lot different than managing a lawn with a cool season grass, like bluegrass, fescue, or rye. But don't worry. The lawn care professionals here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions have some tips to help you get that new lawn into shape.

5 Things You Need To Know About Zoysia grass In Spring

  • Spring is an important time of year for all grass types. For zoysia grass, this is the perfect time to dethatch. Do it as needed, just before it greens up, to help it outcompete with unwanted grasses and weeds. The best time to do this in St. Louis is mid-April to early May. If you do this during cold weather it can make your lawn more susceptible to winter injury and decline.

  • Mowing is an important part of lawn care, especially for zoysia grass. In spring, you're going to want to mow low in order to scalp off the old growth. But be careful not to do this too early. If we have a late, hard freeze, it can damage the stems. The average for a later frost in St. Louis is April 15th.

  • Wait to fertilize. You don't want to fertilize zoysia grass when it is cold. And, you should fertilize lightly throughout the warm weather season to keep this grass lush and green.

  • Be aware that zoysia grass doesn't like the shade. If you have areas of shade in your yard, these will be tough spots to take care of all year long, but especially in spring. Zoysia grass needs at least four hours of direct sunshine in order to thrive.

  • Giving your new zoysia grass exactly what it needs, when it needs it, is crucial in allowing it to resist insect and disease pressures in your yard. While this is a grass that is naturally thick and can grow "strong" like a weed, improper fertilization, shade, watering, weed killer, and other factors can cause stress. It is important to do your homework.

If you would rather not have to research things like fertilization, aeration, saturation, winterization and a bunch of other words that end with -ation, the team here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can take the work out of making your lawn beautiful all year long. The only thing you have to do is mow it. How nice is that!

In St. Louis and throughout our service area, whether you have bluegrass, fescue, or zoysia, we can help! For more information, reach out to us today, and let's get you settled into your new home--and your new lawn.

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