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mole in a st louis front yard

Now that spring has arrived thoughts of gardening and working outdoors is on the forefront of many of our minds and at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we want to remind St. Louis and Missouri homeowners as well as business owners about the pest lurking about that can threaten all your hard work.  We are talking about moles and while they may seem harmless they can cause extensive damage to your yard and landscaping, not to mention unseemly holes all over your manicured lawn if left alone.  As a full service pest control and lawn care provider in St. Louis and Missouri we have developed our mole and lawn rodent elimination programs to help combat these annoying critters.

Moles are small mammals that have rounded bodies, small eyes and long, narrow snouts as well as powerful front claws that they rely on for digging and tunneling.  As they have poor eyesight moles depend on their sense of touch to survive.  A moles diet consists mainly of earthworms but they will also feed on millipedes, centipedes and other organisms that dwell in soil.  As they forage they will tunnel underground disturbing soil, trees, shrubs, plants and grass and because they can travel 18 feet per hour, moles can destroy all your hard work in a short time. 

At Rottler’s we understand how discouraging this can be for a homeowner as well as for a company working hard to maintain a professional image and that is why we offer our Mole Control services to help you get rid of moles in St. Louis, Ellisville and elsewhere in Missouri.  Whether moles are messing up your yard or disturbing your company’s landscaping we can help.  For more information or to schedule your free mole or lawn rodent analysis, contact us or call toll free 1.877.ROTTLER.

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