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Flies Around the Fruit Bowl


Where did all these fruit flies come from? And, why are they flying around my fruit bowl like a scene from Top Gun? No, it isn't witchcraft. And, it isn't spontaneous generation. Fruit flies lay their eggs in fruit that has been sitting out, and those eggs are tiny. You could have brought them into your home after a visit to the grocery store, or after picking some over-ripe tomatoes from your garden.

Fruit flies also have an incredible sense of smell. If you have a fruit bowl on your table, there is a good chance there is a fruit fly pressing his nose against the window, wondering how he can get in at it. And, it only takes one fruit fly to create a swarm. Fruit flies go from egg to adult in around 8 days! So, in just about a week you can easily have a full blown infestation.

Though they are not harmful to humans, they are top on the nuisance list. If you've ever inhaled one, you know why. And once you have fruit flies, they are a pain to get rid of. Throwing that rotted banana out isn't going to fix your problem. And, there is no way to seal your home--even if you use tight-fitting screens--they just fly in through the door when you come in or go out.

So what can you do to make your home less appealing? Here are a couple suggestions.

  • Don't make fruit in a bowl a center piece--unless it is plastic.
  • Keep fruit in plastic bags or refrigerated.
  • Don't leave sweet treats out on countertops or opened.
  • Look for fruit juice and drink spills under counters and appliances.
  • Look for fruits, onions, potatoes, or tomatoes, fermenting in unexpected corners.
  • Dispose of, or clean, recycling bins, if they are kept inside.

Fruit flies only need a tiny layer of fermented material to lay their eggs. They have been known to exist in garbage disposals, drains, trash receptacles, old soda bottles and cans, wine bottles, and rags. A Rottler pest control professional will quickly locate breeding areas and know what to do to get rid of fruit flies and other pests. If you're looking for long-term pest control, this is truly the best option.

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