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Flea Problems For You And Your Pets This Summer


Summer for dog lovers means lots of trips to the dog park, lots of walks and hikes and sometimes even letting your pup roam free in your yard or around your property. The problem lies when your pet is not properly treated for parasites like fleas and they end up returning home with a bad case of these little biters. Fleas are actually ectoparasites, which are organisms that live and feed on an animal. If your pet is not appropriately protected, a case of fleas for them can eventually mean a case of fleas inside or outside your home, or even on your own body.

Why Are Fleas a Problem for Your Pet?

Fleas infest the hair on your pet and then feed on the blood of your pet by biting. They can cause itchiness at the site of every bite; the saliva injected by a flea when it is biting your pet can also set off a reaction that causes extreme itchiness, pet hair loss and skin lesions. The discomfort that comes with fleas is enough to want to keep them off your pets, but unfortunately these pests cause even more problems than just discomfort. They can spread tapeworm and other health concerns, including flea-borne spotted fever. They can even transmit cat scratch fever to a person, if an already existing wound is contaminated with flea excrement. Once in your home, fleas can spread quickly. They can be found on clothing, in blankets and on carpeting among other places.

What Can Be Done to Get Rid of Fleas?

To get rid of fleas on your pet, it is important to have them treated with a flea preventative regularly. This treatment should be discussed with your veterinarian; most vets can offer a safe and effective topical or oral treatment that will help kill fleas that are present and prevent further flea infestations. Make sure that the treatment you choose is appropriate for your pet (don’t use a cat treatment on a dog and vice versa!). As long as you continue to maintain your pet’s flea treatments, fleas should stay off your pet. If you have a flea problem in your home, you can vacuum and clean, but sometimes these pests won’t go away without help from a pest control professional. Contact a pest control pro to help with stubborn flea problems to make sure these pests stay out of your home for good.

For more information on fleas and flea control services, give your local pest control professionals a call!

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