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mouse droppings in st louis

Finding rodent droppings inside your home including the kitchen pantry and cupboards? If they look like short grains of dark brown or black rice; you likely have a mouse infestation. These pests can pose serious problems to your home and your health, so you should avoid playing hosts to these pests whenever possible.

The rodents you may find in your home include the house mouse and the deer mouse. The house mouse is approximately 2 inches long from nose to tail with a 3 inch long hairless tail. They have small eyes and large almost hairless ears. The deer mouse is just a little bit larger at about 3 inches long and it has big protruding eyes with over-sized ears. Both rodents are short-haired; the house mouse is usually gray in color with a lighter colored belly and the deer mouse is typically brown with a white belly. Both of these rodents will enter homes if they cannot find more appropriate homes outdoors; they enter to find warmth, shelter and food and if your home can provide those things, you may find rodent visitors living in basements, inside walls, in attics and other relatively undisturbed areas.

Mice are known for spreading diseases into your home and exposing you and your family (as well as your pets) to harmful parasites. These pests can transmit salmonella, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis and even the potentially fatal Hantavirus. Mice carry fleasmiteslice and even Lyme disease-transmitting ticks. Mice can also cause serious structural damage to your home. They will tear apart your belongings to create their nests, gnaw on woodwork and drywall and they have even been known to chew up insulation and chew through wiring, which can pose a fire hazard.

Rodents are dangerous inside your home, so if you locate mouse droppings or recognize other signs of mice, contacting a St. Louis pest control professional for rodent control services is the best option. Our home pest control services can help locate infestations of rodents and then provide effective solutions to get rid of these pests. Through thorough inspections, effective treatments and follow-up inspections, our Signature Pest Protection program can help eliminate the pests that are present inside your home and prevent them from returning.

For more information on the rodent control services available in Missourigive Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions a call today!

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