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broken window in a saint louis home

Pest proofing is a way to safeguard your home and your family from mice, and other St. Louis pests. And knowing that the fall is when many pests search for a warm place to spend the winter, it is important that you protect your home and property now before fall invaders arrive. As you begin your winter prep, our St. Louis pest control company would recommend implementing fall pest proofing strategies to your to-do list.  

Before we highlight a few techniques, let’s first touch briefly on fall pests.  Some of the more common fall invaders in St. Louis are spiders, mice and ladybugs. Each pest is a nuisance to deal with however, some like mice are more of a threat than others. The good news is that by pest proofing your home now, you will save yourself from the frustration and dangers of pest infestations later on.

The following tips will help you to maintain a pest free home this fall and through the winter. Of course, these pest-proofing tips should be in conjunction with your regular pest control services to really ensure that your home stays pest free.

  1. Inspect the exterior of your home for any openings along the foundation, windows, doors and utility openings.

  2. Properly seal off any points of entry that you do find keeping in mind that even a tiny crack or hole is enough to allow many critters to get inside.

  3. Apply weather stripping to the doors to ensure that there are no gaps and also to hold the heat inside.

  4. Trim back bushes and shrubs so they do not touch the side of the home as this will only create a bridge to your home for spiders and other pests.

  5. Practice strict sanitation including taking the trash out regularly and always removing crumbs and food debris in the kitchen.

If you are still finding that your STL home is having a pest problem then be sure that you call in the St. Louis pest control pros right away. By catching infestations early you are reducing the risks of them further spreading and further threatening you and your family. Threats of pests include but are not limited to the contamination of food, spread of disease, biting and structural damage.

To learn more about Rottler’s home pest control services to get rid of fall pests, please contact us today. And don’t forget to prepare your Missouri home for the upcoming winter season by implementing the above fall pest proofing strategies. You will be glad you did when the weather really gets cold and pests try to move inside.

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