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Every home is different, and no two houses get exactly the same pests. But one thing is certain for all Missouri homeowners, when fall comes, the critters are going to start looking for a way in. Whether you deal with mice, spiders, stink bugs, ladybugs, boxelder bugs, skunks or bats, it doesn't matter. Many pest proofing methods protect against all these pests. Try some of them this fall and see how it goes.

  • Cover your outside trash cans. Trash is a food source for all pests, and the smell is like a dinner bell for insects and wildlife alike. If those skunks come for the remnants of food in your can, they may figure out that you have an nice, cozy deck to sleep under. If the flies come and lay eggs in your rotting food, you'll have dozens of flies for the spiders to eat. Keep your trash in plastic bags, and hidden in sealed plastic trash bins, to stop the cycle.

  • Get rid of construction materials or wood piles near the house. This is a haven for mice and bugs. If spiders get into these areas, they could lay their egg sacs. The last thing you need is 2500 baby spiders crawling on your exterior walls--looking for a way to get in.

  • Moist dark areas are inviting for bugs. If you have anything laying on your lawn for more than two days, you'll have bugs under it. Keep your lawn free of clutter, and don't let anything get overgrown.

  • Put gravel on moist soil, especially if it is in a dark place, like under the deck, or under larger rocks.

  • Lights draw in bugs. If you have exterior lights, consider changing the bulbs to insect resistant yellow bulbs. You should also be aware that if light leaks out of your house through windows, bugs will be attracted to those windows.

  • Window and door screens are a must. Make sure you do an inspection of all your screens, and have them repaired, before the fall invasion begins. Also, inspect your home for places where screens can protect you, like: over vents, on the chimney hole, and around deck or patio trim, so mammals can't easily get under there and make a nest, or chew a hole into your house.

  • Examine your home for cracks, especially around pipes, outlets, and windows. Use a caulking gun to seal those areas. All it takes is a gap the size of a nickle for some pests to get inside.

  • Check door sweep and weather stripping to make sure they're doing their job.

  • Get a pest professional involved. They can inspect your house, and give you more exclusion methods that are specific to your situation. And, they can use limited and targeted pesticide treatments to keep pests off of your exterior walls and away from your foundation. This added protection will make your home less inviting for pests and wildlife.

  • If creatures have already gotten into your house, don't let them find what they're looking for. Keep your inside trash sealed completely. Replace that trash can with the rocker lid, and get one that fully seals. Fruit flies can easily slip into trash cans and find rotted fruit or tomatoes to leave their eggs in. Fruit flies are a pain by themselves, but remember, spiders think fruit flies are tasty. That means you are rewarding them for all the effort of getting into your house.

  • Keep fruit in the refrigerator, until you are ready to eat it.

  • Keep your cereal, rice, grains, and other boxed and bagged items, in hard plastic containers. Mice, cockroaches, beetles, weevils, and a host of other critters, will not be able to smell your food, or get at it. This makes your home less appealing to them.

  • Clean hard surfaces with disinfectant.

  • Vacuum regularly.

  • Don't leave food crumbs out on floors or counters.

  • If you leave dishes at the sink, put them in a sink of soapy water.

Bugs and rodents can live in a clean house, but it is far less inviting. If you want to have a pest-free winter, use these preventative measures to keep those bugs and mammals from choosing your home to spend the winter in. Whether you fear these pests may find a way in or they already have, call Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today and schedule a free, no obligation pest inspection for your home!

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