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Prevent Mice And Other Fall Pest With Pest Prevention Tips From The St. Louis Pest Control Pros

Unfortunately for many unsuspecting home owners, the end of summer does not mean that your worries about pests are over.  In fact as the weather cools here in Saint Louis and throughout Missouri, insects, rodents and wildlife are likely to start seeking out shelter for the winter months and your home just may be their target.  

Lady bugs, mice and spiders are among the many pests that may attempt to take up residence in your home and can be discouraged with proper pest prevention and routine pest control services by professional pest control experts.  Pest prevention includes:

  • Sealing or caulking entry pest entry points

  • Repairing or replacing screens over doors and windows

  • Installing chimney caps and covers over vents

  • Storing firewood well away from the structure and off the ground

  • Trimming trees and shrubs away from the foundation

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions we have been delivering quality pest control in Saint Louis, Columbia and Mid-Missouri since 1956 and offer home pest control services that are designed to eliminate unwanted and potentially damaging pests all year long.  Our fall pest control service often consists of:

  • Inspecting for pest activity

  • Treating the exterior of your home as well as all possible entry points

  • Checking and refilling rodent bait stations

  • Applying targeted treatments for ants, spiders and other pest as necessary

To learn more about our Saint Louis pest control services or to schedule your inspection in Columbia, Wentzville or elsewhere in Mid-Missouri, please contact us today!

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