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Fall Lawn Care Tips That Will Give Your Lawn A Head Start Next Spring


After spending all summer long meticulously caring for your lawn, the last thing you want to happen is for it to die during the winter.  Here are several helpful fall lawn care tips that if followed will keep your lawn alive during the winter months and give you a jump start to your lawn care this spring.

  • Raise the blades of your mower – Your last cut should not be any shorter than 2 ½ inches.  Any shorter and you run the risk of your grass dying once snow comes.  The general rule is to not cut any more than one third of the grass blade off at one time
  • Aerate your lawn – You should aerate your lawn at least once a year.  Aeration helps to prevent the soil from becoming too compacted, allowing water and fertilizers to reach the roots easier, and allowing the roots to grow deeper into the soil.
  • Remove dead leaves – Give your lawn a good rake one last time once all of the leaves have fallen.  Leaves make it difficult for the correct amounts of water, fertilization, and sunlight to reach your grass.  They can also have the opposite effect, holding in too much water underneath the leaves and causing the grass to rot.
  • Plant grass seeds – Plant grass seeds now to fill in any bare spots on your lawn.  They will germinate and sprout early in the spring once the weather is just right.  
  • Test your soil – It is important to have the correct nutrient and pH levels in your soil.   A soil test will tell you if you need to adjust pH levels.
  • Fertilize – Grass continues to spread roots underground during the winter.  It is import for your lawn to continue to receive those vital nutrients that fertilizers provide even after the snow comes.

By following these simple tips you will give yourself a huge jump start to your spring lawn care.  Remember to call Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions today at 1-877-ROTTLER or contact us online for your free lawn analysis and a quote for professional St. Louis lawn service.

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