St. Louis
Elliot Weiler
October 18th, 2012

(KTVI) – Fall brings cooler days and nights and creatures who used to live outside – inside your home. Tim Broughton from Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions talked about autumn pest problems.

Pests have been breeding all spring and summer and pest populations are at their absolute peaks this time of year

When the weather turns colder, pests of all kinds, bugs, rodents want to take a ‘winter vacation’ by coming into the warmth of the house

Box Elder beetles, squirrels, termites, mice and many others will do anything to get in the house and breed, nest and feed

These pests can be repelled if you know what to look for and protect yourself against them

People make the mistake of keeping BAGS of grass seed, pet food and the like in the garage. That draws mice who gnaw their way into the bags and nest. If you must keep that stuff in the garage, keep it in sealed plastic containers.

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