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We're into fall and all the kids are back at school. You know what that means. It means more time spent bringing kids to practices or attending games. It means helping with science projects or building a set for the school play. It also means more opportunity for bed bugs to spread from home to home.
You are probably aware that bed bugs are not an outdoor pest. They don't live in the woods near your home. They don't live in your yard. And they don't explore your foundation and exterior walls for cracks to exploit. These are primarily indoor pests. That is important to understand if you want to keep them out. Having a perimeter treatment applied to the exterior of your home is great for keeping dozens of household pests out but it won't affect bed bugs at all. Bed bugs hitchhike into your home.
When kids go to school, it is possible for bed bugs to go with them. Sometimes, children don't even realize they have bed bugs. It can take time for an infestation to become obvious in a home. If a child brings bed bugs to school, one of the primary ways these bugs can transfer from student to student is by belongings being set close to one another. This may be school bags, books, clothing, shoes, and other items that are often set near each other. Bed bugs hide in gaps, cracks, seams, pockets, and similar hiding places.
When kids go on field trips, sports trips, or simply travel on the bus each day, they may pick up bed bugs. It is more likely on trips that take place after dark because bed bugs are most active at night.
During the school year, it is more likely that kids will spend the night at other kids' houses. This is the perfect opportunity for bed bugs to stow away in sleeping bags, duffle bags, and bags used to hold laundry. These insects are particularly drawn to clothing that has been worn.
There are many ways that bed bugs can hitch a ride back to your place during the school year. If they do, be sure to contact a professional. Bed bugs are extraordinarily difficult to get rid of without a knowledge of their behavior. Give us a call today to learn more about your bed bug control options

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