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spring in st. louis

Do you have fair weather friends? You know the type… They only come around when it suits them, making themselves at home in your home and eating all your food. Well, this article is about a different kind of fair weather friend, the not-so-wonderful pests that seem to disappear when the snow comes, and reappear as soon as it's gone.


Termites: When warmer temperatures arrive, termite colonies will send out swarmers to establish new colonies. This is often the first sign that a homeowner has a termite infestation. This pest can silently eat away at a home year round- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the swarm came from a neighbor's house or a nearby tree, it is the wake up call you need to get termite protection. The reason termites cost billions of dollars each year in the United States is mostly due to a lack of awareness. This is an insect that can be stopped before it does too much damage, but often homeowners don't realize their need for termite protection until it is too late. Ask your local pest control company about a Termite Protection System and get your shield up before spring swarmers attack.


Ants: Warm temperatures also draw ants out. If you're starting to get ants in your kitchen, this is a sign that your home could be in need of some repairs. Ants can exploit cracks, gaps, holes, and rotted areas of your home that you may not even be aware of. In addition, Carpenter Ants can do extensive damage to your home before you even realize it. Spring is the best time to seal your home to protect against dealing with these and other pests. Having a full home inspection can reveal if this is the case for you and help to avoid having pests and wildlife nesting in your walls, basement and attic spaces.


Moles: It is hard enough keeping a beautiful lawn without moles around. As you set your sights on making this year the year that your lawn looks more lush than it has ever been, be sure to have a plan for moles. If your lawn begins to get brown patches or you start to see tunneling and dirt mounds, connect with a pest control company that also specializes in lawn care. Ask the pest control company if it has technicians specially trained in trapping and eliminating moles. Keep in mind, moles do not hibernate and can be active all year, even in the winter.


Wasps: Spring is when wasp queens will begin to look for a new place to nest. It happens every year. You'll find tiny starter nests under eaves, rooflines, roof peaks, and inside your wall voids and attic spaces. Since their old nest is no longer viable, along with all the wasps that lived in it, now is the time to remove those as well as any new wasp nests that may appear. If you find one on your property or inside your home, call a professional to determine what you are dealing with and the best way to eliminate them. If you've never seen a mass of angry wasps pour out of a wall void, that is a good thing. These pests are dangerous to try and handle yourself and best left to the experts.


Now that the weather is warming up, all of your fair weather friends are going to become more active. Get a pest plan in place before those summer cookouts and evenings on the back deck. Trust us, summer is sweeter without pests. To schedule a free, no obligation inspection and estimate, contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. We would be happy to help you stay one step ahead of the pests.

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