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black widow sitting on its web in st louis

With a warm spring and a hot summer thus far, the bugs are out and about in St. Louis. In particular, spiders including the venomous black widow have been more prevalent in homes across Mid-Missouri. And while a spider here and there is not much of a concern, if you are noticing multiple spiders on your property or inside of your home, you will want to contact the STL pest control pros at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions.

Black widows can be identified by their hourglass pattern and red markings. They can be a dangerous pest if found around the home due to their potential of venomous bites. Although they are not generally aggressive toward humans, if a black widow feels threatened they may bite which can lead to potentially serious health threats. Some bites invoke allergic reactions or other symptoms such as swelling, nausea, muscle pain and in very rare cases can be fatal.

So what is making these spiders and some of the other dangerous pests show up now? Mainly it’s the dry heat and abundance of insects that spiders feed on. Click here to see a video from Mike Rottler’s newscast at KSDK on why St. Louisa are seeing an increase in the number of pests including the black widows this summer.

If you spot a black widow in your home then go ahead and kill it, if it is safe to do so. If you notice more than one inside or outside, you will be better off contacting your pest control provider to safely and effectively get rid of spiders.

And to help prevent spiders from showing up on your doorstep, here are a few spider prevention tips:

  • Remove clutter from storage spaces where spiders are likely to hide

  • Keep clothing and shoes that are not in regular use stored in bins with lids

  • Make sure that all cracks and holes on the exterior of the home are sealed off

  • Fix any torn or broken window screens and keep the door closed unless it too has a screen

  • Cut back the bushes and shrubs so they are not touching the side of your home

In the midst of the hot, dry summer in St. Louis, make sure you are not opening your home to pests. But if spiders or other household pests are finding their way inside, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can help. Find out how our home pest control services can take care of your pest problems or simply give us a yell to discuss!

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