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Don't Let Termites in Missouri Go Undetected


Termites are considered one of the most damaging insects to structures in the United States. At Rottler, we regularly receive phone calls from people that are concerned they may have termite infestations within their walls. These pests are a worry because they can go undetected for years before the full scope of the damage they have caused is discovered. Termite damage may not appear until these pests have completely annihilated the wood within a timber, leaving it a hollow shell that is no longer structurally sound. The termite control specialists at Rottler would like to help you discover a termite problem before the damage becomes irreparable. Here are some tips to help you recognize termite damage inside your Missouri home.

  1. Termite damage sometimes looks like water damage. This may appear as swollen floors and ceilings and buckling wood.
  2. You may actually see visible mazes within walls and furniture where termites have destroyed the wood from the inside out.
  3. You may notice a scent of mildew or mold in the air when the termite infestation is full-blown.
  4. You may see ‘mud tunnels’ along the foundation or along walls inside an infested home. These tunnels are created by termites out of their saliva, feces and mud to create protective tunnels for them to travel to and from their colony and your home (their food source).
  5. Painted wood may look blistered or bubbled; furniture, cabinets and other wood belongings can also sustain termite damage, it isn’t just the timbers that are part of your home’s structure that are affected.

Once you’ve recognized these signs, you need to contact a pest control professional to inspect for termites. If they find termites within your home, you will need treatment to get rid of the problem as well as a preventative solution to make sure these pests don’t return.

For control of termites in Missouri, Rottler is the best choice. Our termite control services consist of the Term-Alert™ Termite Protection System; this system is designed to detect the presence of termites on your property before they have the chance to find your home’s structure. This is done by using tamper-resistant monitoring stations placed strategically around your home’s perimeter to allow us to recognize signs of termite activity before termites ever manage to become a problem inside your home. This security system for your home against termites is an excellent solution for homes that have had previous problems with termites or if you would just like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is protected from these wood destroying pests. For more information on our termite protection system or to schedule a free termite inspection for your home, please give us a call today!

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