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Healthy Lawn

What do you use your lawn for? Is it for cooking your famous burgers and having a cookout with your favorite people? Is it where your children play games, or your dog catches the frisbee? A nice lawn is important. It makes all of these activities more enjoyable. That is why it is important to give it a little tender loving care. So, how do you pamper a lawn? The secret is in management.

It is good to have some creatures living in your lawn. Many bugs and insects can be beneficial in aerating and fertilizing your soil, making your lawn and landscape more lush and beautiful. But it is important to control which pests you to have around.

What is not helpful.

There are many creatures that can harm your lawn. If grubs move in, it won't be long before your grass begins to have light brown patches. You could find that moles have discovered that you have tasty grubs in abundance. With this discovery, they'll start tunneling everywhere to find them. In addition to moles, you could see lawn rodents. These little rodents can live mostly underground, and they love taking advantage of your gardens and landscaping. It doesn't take long to develop a harmful ecosystem of pests living in your yard and damaging your lawn.

Pests aren't the only things that will damage your grass and ornamentals. In Spring, we see the heavy rains come, and with that your lawn can become oversaturated. When summer comes and the rain slows down, your lawn can get starved for water. Diseases and fungi can wreak havoc on your plants. A lack of nutrients can leave your greenery starving and wilted. And unshaded areas can cause your grass to boil in the midday sun.

The solution.

Fertilization, aeration, over-seeding, and weed and insect control are some of the best ways to help protect your lawn from these problems. When you hire a lawn and pest company like Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, you partner with a professional that can help you get answers to those difficult problems. We can even help eliminate pests like moles and rodents. We'll take care of your lawn so you can sit back and enjoy your spring and summer. You work hard. Keeping your lawn nice shouldn't be hard work. What are you waiting for? Contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions for a free lawn analysis today!


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