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Japanese beetle on a leaf

If you’ve had damage to your plants, trees or foliage, you might have Japanese beetles on your property. Japanese beetles have iridescent copper-colored forewings and have a green head and upper body. These bugs are pretty small but don’t be fooled, adult beetles chew between the veins of leaves leaving it looking like a skeleton. They will also eat fruit and even rosebuds from the inside out.


The larvae live in the ground and feed on roots of grass and can do serious damage to your lawn. They are most active in the fall, between August and November and then again from April to the end of May. All their root snacking can cause turf to dry out. The larvae can also attract other unwanted pests to your property such as moles, skunks, raccoons, drowns and geese. These pest will dig up your lawn looking to feed on the insect, causing even more damage.


As you might have guessed by the name, Japanese beetles are native to Japan. They were first found in the U.S in New Jersey in 1916. It is likely they were brought into the country on a shipment from Japan back before inspections of out of country shipments were required. Since then, they’ve steadily spread westward.


Japanese beetles can be a big problem for your property. There are some ways to deal with these nuisance pests however. In many cases, it is recommended to seek professional help. Many pest control or lawn care specialists are equipped to help get rid of Japanese beetles. There are pheromone traps but it’s actually been found that for some homeowners, these traps only attract more beetles to the site rather than deter them.


If your lawn and landscape has been suffering from Japanese beetle infestations and the animals they may attract, contact your local pest control pros to stop the pests and their damages on your property this summer.

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