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image of a raccoon in st louis

Okay. So you have a raccoon in your attic. What's the big deal? Won't it just hibernate up there and leave in spring? Sadly, no. Raccoons don't hibernate. And even if they did, there are other reasons to not want a coon in your attic. They can carry lice, fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites. Even a sleeping raccoon can introduce these parasites into your home.

So you won't get a sleeping raccoon, you get a live animal--possibly with babies--that will tear up your attic and leave its excrement everywhere. One of the biggest reasons raccoons enter an attic is to protect their babies. In nature they use a nook in a tree where they can get a high vantage point to see predators. Your attic is perfect for keeping babies protected.

Now, it may sound like a noble idea to let that momma raccoon use your attic to protect her babies, but the reality is you have a home and a family to protect too, and a pest-control company can safely remove those raccoons and reintroduce them to the wild.

Having raccoons living in or around your house can be dangerous, even if they aren't carrying rabies--which is more common in raccoons than any other wildlife pest. Raccoons are territorial, dangerous if spooked or cornered, and equipped with claws and teeth capable of inflicting disfiguring wounds.

To protect against raccoons you need to act as if you are protecting your home from a human burglar. These creatures are intelligent. Their fingers are nimble enough to take a quarter out of your pocket. Lock your windows, especially the attic windows. Put sharp metal on lattice and around external pipes and ledges. And always keep your trash in sealed containers.

If you already have raccoons in your attic, shed, garage, or under your deck, call a pest professional and have them safely relocated. Pest technicians can also show you exclusion methods specific to your home and property. Get informed and learn how to deter raccoons from choosing your home to hide from winter. Contact Rottler today for more information on wildlife control!

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