Let's talk about moles. No, not the beauty mark kind that is considered pretty on the face of a pretty girl, but the animal kind that can make your yard look less than pretty if it is allowed to set up housekeeping underneath your property. Moles are destructive creatures that feed on grubs, insects, and earthworms (which are good for your soil). To do this, they tunnel underneath the ground, which damages lawns and landscapes.

Damages Caused By Moles

Moles damage lawns and landscapes. When they tunnel, they leave behind round, symmetrical mounds that look like mini volcanoes and raised zigzagging lines. These lines, or veins, are sometimes seen along the edges of concrete walkways or other man-made borders. Moles also damage trees and ornamentals, chewing on them, causing an eyesore and possibly killing the plant. And they also carry parasites. Mites, ticks or fleas could be transferred to pets if wild animals bring them into your yard.

Do Moles Hibernate?

If you are thinking that you don't need to worry about moles in the winter time because they hibernate, think again. It may seem like moles go into hibernation in the winter, because you may not notice them until the weather warms up, but moles remain active all winter long. They simply dig down deeper into the earth during the colder months. So while you may think your property is safe, they are still digging and doing damage underground.

What Can You Do If One Or More Moles Has Chosen Your Property?

If you have been seeing the evidence of moles on your property, know that if you wait for them to leave on their own, you could be waiting a long time. Also, know that do-it-yourself methods of mole removal often fail, and are sometimes dangerous. If you need help with a mole infestation, the mole control professionals here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can assist you. We've been helping folks with pests since 1956. Reach out to us today for prompt assistance. Life is better without destructive moles digging up your property.

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