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mole found in st louis

There have been a lot of people wondering this year about whether or not moles hibernate. Well, let's answer that question right off the bat. No, moles do not hibernate. The reason many people believe that they do is that in winter they see no signs of mole activity. In today's article, we're going to look at what really happens to moles in winter, and offer up some ways to protect your lawn from their damaging activities.
If you're not aware of what a mole is, it is a small burrowing insectivore with dark fur, a long muzzle, and very small eyes, that spends most of its time underground. When this pest finds its way under lawns, golf courses, parks, and other places where grass grows, it can do a significant amount of damage. It will tunnel under the surface, leaving a series of erratic lines where turf is slightly raised. It uses its paddle-like feet and thick toenails to dig up to twelve inches every minute and, on a good day (for the mole, not the owner of the land), a single mole can dig as much as 100 feet of new tunneling. That's a lot of damage! The reason these critters do all this digging is that they are looking for food, namely earthworms, which are a staple of their diet. And they do not reuse these tunnels. They are continually digging fresh tunnels in search of fresh food.
Moles not only dig surface tunnels for feeding purposes, but they did deeper tunnels in order to build nesting burrows for themselves. They are very rarely seen above ground as they are either feeding or hanging out deep underground. It may seem to the casual observer that moles are inactive during the winter months because no new tunneling is being created in the hard earth, but these creatures are still actively digging down below the frost line. So, even though it looks like those moles are hibernating, they aren't.

How do I stop moles from damaging my property?
Ask anyone who has ever tried and they will tell you that these critters are not easy to get rid of. It takes an experienced mole hunter to track these pests down and get rid of them. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we employ the best.
What does Mole Service from Rottler look like?

  • An initial service regimen including 3 or more visits.

  • Bait placement and, if needed, traps to eliminate current moles.

  • After the infestation is eliminated, there is maintenance every other month to make sure that no new moles take up residence in old tunneling.

  • In-between free follow-up visits if necessary.

Though no one can guarantee that moles will never come onto your property again, with Rottler, you can at least know that the old tunneling won't be reused. If a new mole does start to create new tunneling on your property, you know who to call, and that is half the battle.

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