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mole digging up a lawn

This is an important question to ask, especially if you live in Missouri. These critters are the bane of existence for anyone who wants to have a beautiful lawn. However, the big question is whether this is a year-round or seasonal issue. So today, we are looking at whether or not moles hibernate and how this can affect your Missouri lawn.

Moles can't pass up a good buffet. These are creatures that live to eat bugs and worms. In fact, they can eat more than their body weight of bugs and worms each and every day. Sounds yummy, doesn't it? It is to those moles, and they are happy to dine on these disgusting creatures all year long. That's right. You heard correctly. They eat them all year long. Moles do not hibernate.

So, is it their constant grazing that keeps them active all winter? No. The real reason is that moles are not able to store fat. Unlike hibernating creatures that get nice and fat in the summer and sleep through the winter, moles must continue to eat in order to survive.

Where do moles go in the winter, if they aren't hibernating? The staples of a mole's diet are cold-blooded creatures. When temperatures drop, cold-blooded creatures burrow deeper into the ground to get away from the cold in order to regulate their temperatures. Since moles need to eat, they go where the bugs and worms are. This works out well for the mole because it is harder to dig through frozen ground.

How does this affect your Missouri lawn? It is important to address mole issues before winter comes. If you don't than you'll have these creatures tunneling under your lawn all winter. They will also be consuming a ton of earthworms, which are essential to the health of your lawn.

When temperatures warm back up and the ground gets softer, moles will return to digging near the surface. It only takes one nice day for a mole to do massive damage to the root system of your lawn. Worse still, their tunneling can displace ground slabs and supports, warping decks, porches, patios and other external structures.

If you have seen the raised tunnels that moles can cause or brown patches of grass where root systems have been destroyed in your lawn, give us a call. We employ the best mole hunters in the state. They can track the mole activity in your yard and get it under control before winter gets here.

Don't let moles tunnel under your Missouri lawn all winter long. Call or contact one the experts here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions to help. We've been offering effective pest and lawn solutions for Missouri residents since 1956. We have the experience to solve your Missouri mole problem.


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