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Scared of bed bugs in St. Louis, Rottler can help!

Unfortunately bed bug infestations are becoming more common for homeowners in Saint Louis, Columbia and throughout Missouri.  And while many may feel embarrassed or ashamed, it is important to know that bed bugs are not a result of poor hygiene or lack of good sanitation.  In fact nowadays bed bugs are often introduced on used furniture and clothing or on visitors.  These hard to get rid of pests are also likely stow away in your luggage while you are away for work or on vacation.  Regardless of how they came to be inside your home, when you unfortunately get bed bugs there are some basic things you should do to protect yourself. You could treat them yourself or you could get the help of a professional like Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions.

If you are going to treat this problem yourself, please take the time to read and follow label instructions of any and all pesticides that you may buy over the counter at your local hardware store to control bed bugs. These instructions are put out by the manufacture with the approval of the E.P.A (environmental protection agency) to help protect you from putting yourself in harm’s way.  Remember, if bed bug pesticides are misused or mixed improperly, you could be endangering yourself and your family.  

If there’s one thing this St. Louis pest control company knows about bed bugs, it’s that these tiny pests can be extremely difficult to eradicate.  If you have already tried with no success you should consult with a professional pest management firm like Rottler that has licensed and experienced bed bug specialists.

Hiring a licensed pest control professional can increase the likelihood of speeding up success in eliminating the bed bugs. Our methods and experiences can greatly speed up the eradication of this difficult pest. Bed bugs have a sneaky way of keeping themselves away from pesticides. That is why the St. Louis pest control professionals at Rottler use a combination of products with heat treatments to enhance our professional treatment plan.  

Heat can get effectively get back where the bed bugs hide where the pesticides sometimes cannot. Heat can safely kill eggs, juveniles, and reproductive adults in sensitive areas like mattresses, children’s rooms, couches, or any other place that is sensitive. Places where it may be hazardous to apply a non- labeled product.

Pesticides are only as good as where they are placed and sometimes not even that is good enough. There are some over the counter insecticide from hardware stores that bed bugs have grown resistant to. So, no matter how much product you apply you may never get things under control by doing it yourself.

For relief from bed bugs that will work, contact the St. Louis bed bug experts at Rottler today!  

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