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angry opossum

There are some creatures that are cute and dangerous. Take raccoons, for instance. Those little bandits with their fluffy fur, soft leathery hands, and adorable little faces are the very definition of cute. But, you definitely don't want to corner a raccoon or stumble upon a mother raccoon with her babies. Raccoons have sharp teeth and claws that are more than capable of doing harm to humans. This can make dealing with raccoons a complicated matter. No one wants to hurt a cute little raccoon. Opossums aren't so lucky. These are dangerous creatures that do not have the benefits of being cute.

If you run into an opossum on your property, you're not likely to stop and say, "Oh, how cute." Opossums look like a rat and a raccoon got together and had a baby, but the baby didn't get any of the raccoons good qualities. An opossum looks like it's a giant rat, though they aren't even in the same family as the rat. Opossums are marsupials, not rodents. Therefore, they don't cause exactly the same pest issues that rats do. Sure, they'll get into your trash, like a rat. They'll feed on any food source in your yard, like a rat. But, rather than chewing their way into your home, these creatures will be digging up your lawn in search of grubs.

The opossum could probably be cute, if it wasn't for its rat-like tail and pointed snout. It also doesn't help that opossums often have mangy fur from climbing around in dumpsters. But, the sad truth is the opossum is dangerous. Not horribly dangerous, but still dangerous. If you corner an opossum or stumble onto a female opossum with her young, just like those raccoons, an opossum can attack. They are also more prone to attack if they have rabies, but it is rare for opossums to have rabies because of their consistently low body temperature.

More than anything, opossums are going to be a danger to your lawn, your garden, and your pets. At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, we don't just protect homes from household pests. Our team is educated in pest control and wildlife management protocols that protect lawns. If you're seeing one opossum or several opossums on your property, you can trust Rottler to use the appropriate measures to deal with this threat.

Whether or not you think opossums are cute, we're sure you'll agree that having them make their home on your property comes with some very frustrating issues. Protect your family, your pets, your garden, and your lawn with wildlife control from Rottler. This is one critter you can live without.

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