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fredy rivera congratulations

Each year PCT Magazine honors those technicians in the pest control industry who shine with their Technician of the Year Award. This year we are so very proud and happy to announce that one of our very own technicians, Fredy Rivera was nominated as a finalist for this award.

Fredy came to Rottler back in 2006 after only arriving in the United States from El Salvador in 2000 with nothing more than $45.00 in his pocket and an unsurpassed work ethic. Since his start with Rottler, Fredy has been the Employee of the Month twice and nominated several more times. To quote his manger, Steve Bopp, “Fredy is my go to guy for several reasons: I know he will do the job and do it right. He is very thorough and applies only the product he needs and in the right places. His customers love him not only because he is good at his job, but because he always has a positive attitude.” When I told Fredy that he had been nominated for this award, he flashed that infectious smile and said, “Thank you, this is what happens when you have help from God and you do your part by working hard.”

Congratulations, Fredy, we are proud to have you on our team.

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