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raccoon in st. louis driveway

Raccoons are cute. They have cute faces, cute markings, and cute babies; but raccoons can cause a lot of trouble at your home. Never forget that they are wild animals, which means you should steer clear and not attempt to control them without professional help. When raccoons show up at your home, they can cause a number of problems. Here are the top 5 common raccoon problems in St. Louis.

  1. Poop Everywhere

    Raccoons don’t care where they go to the bathroom. If they have to go, they will do so anywhere they please. Unfortunately for you, that means all over your lawn and in your house. Raccoon poop is more than an unsightly mess on your property; it is a biohazard, too. Raccoon feces can transmit roundworms to your pets via roundworm eggs found in it. If you attempt to clean up raccoon poop on your own, it could make you ill as well. Call a professional wildlife team to clean up messes left by raccoons.

  2. Property damage

    If you don’t get rid of raccoons when you first spot one, you are looking at expensive property damage costs. Raccoons will tear up anything that gets in their way. If they want to get inside your home, they will tear at siding, doors, attic vents, and windows sills to get in. When raccoons get into your home, they will tear it apart and become aggressive as they become territorial. If you grow a garden, raccoons will dig that up and tear it apart so they can eat your yield or the bugs that lurk beneath.

  3. Rabies

    Yes, raccoons carry rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease that attacks a mammal’s nervous system. Eventually, rabies spreads through the body and reaches the brain, which can cause death. While it is rare that a rabid raccoon attacks people, they will attack your pets and small children. If a raccoon bites your pet, death can occur within days.

  4. Chewed wires

    Raccoons are a fire hazard because of their relentless chewing. Raccoons will rip through attics, basements, walls, ducts, and more; and when they get a hold of wires, they chew right through the insulation, which leaves hot wires exposed. A hot wire can and will cause a fire if it is sparked or disturbed.

  5. Dead birds

    Raccoons are not a friend of the birds you keep around your property. If you have chickens, forget about it. A raccoon can pull a chicken right out of the coop. If you don’t have chickens, your house is still a target if you feed small birds. Raccoons will prey on the nests of smaller birds that nest on the ground, at the bottom of trees, and in shrubs.

Raccoons look cute, but they are curious and stubborn. They will stop at nothing to get what they want – food, shelter, you name it. Once you start feeding raccoons, there is no going back. They will stick around and continue to wreak havoc on and around your property. Call Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions to protect your home and your family members from raccoons. We offer wildlife control services that you can count on.

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