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Spiders in Missouri

Have you been seeing spiders inside your home? There are some perfectly harmless house spiders that may be lurking in the darker places inside your home, but there are also some more dangerous species of spiders in Missouri; do you know why they are in your home? The professionals at Rottler would like to offer you a few tips on keeping common Missouri spiders (as well as the dangerous ones!) out of your home.

Spiders enter your home looking for a couple of things: food and shelter. So you may have spiders lurking in your home if you are offering them these two things. Here is what you can do to eliminate the environments that invite spiders indoors:

  1. Look closely at the exterior of your property. Are there gaps around doors and windows? Holes in screens? Tiny little entry points around where pipes and utility cables enter your home? If so, these areas need to be closed up immediately. Not only will this make your home more weather tight, but it will eliminate the entry areas for pests like spiders, rodents and even the insects that spiders prey upon.

  2. Change exterior lights to sodium vapor lighting; this kind of lighting attracts fewer insects, which in turn will attract fewer spiders looking to feed on those insects.

  3. Reduce areas of clutter. Clutter offers a safe place for insects and spiders to hide, so when you have fewer hiding places for these pests, you will encounter fewer spiders and insects.

  4. Install door sweeps under doors that have gaps when closed.

  5. Remove spider webs whenever you find them. Vacuum up spider egg sacs as well.

  6. Thoroughly shake out clothing and inspect bedding before getting into bed at night. Shake out shoes before putting your feet inside; this can help you avoid brown recluse and black widow spider bites.

The spiders you may be seeing inside your home include common house spiders, orb weavers, crab spiders, cellar spiders, wolf spiders and jumping spiders. Brown recluse and black widow spiders are the more venomous species that exist in our area and they may be occasionally found in your home as well. Obviously having venomous spiders inside your home can be a problem; although they typically tend to be reclusive, if you should accidentally find one in your bedding, in your clothing or if you should step on one, they can deliver a painful bite that can cause you to require medical attention. Other spiders in your home can become a nuisance with their web building and when they enter in large numbers.

No one likes having to deal with pests inside their homes, which is why the professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions offer our year round Signature Pest Protection program to help you eliminate the pests that are present and prevent future pest problems from occurring. Our year round home pest control consists of a thorough inspection of your home to recognize pest activity and the environments that attract pests. We will then provide perimeter treatments to the exterior of the structure as well as a full interior treatment to gain control of spiders and other pest problems inside your home. We will vacuum up dead insects and spider webs, dust pipe chases and attics (if accessible), place glue monitors around the interior of your home and inspect light fixtures/areas beneath furniture and treat accordingly. Contact us today for more information on our spider control services and to schedule your first inspection!


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