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Common Ants in St. Louis


Ants, ants and more ants…the relentless invasion of these pesky ants are everywhere. They march through your kitchen, restaurants, dormitories, nursing homes, hospitals, school cafeterias, and anywhere there are people and food. Ants come in all color and sizes. Some are simply a nuisance while others bite and sting. Still others, like the carpenter ant, can be destructive to physical property.

In addition to the carpenter ant, other common ants found throughout the St. Louis area include pavement antsodorous house ants and field ants.

  1. Carpenter Ants bore into the structural wooden portions of buildings and create a network of tunnels. They form nests inside the walls of your house and, even though they do not actually eat the wood, they weaken the structure over a period of time with their relentless chewing as they make more tunnels one bite at a time. If left unattended, their activity can lead to significant damage and expensive repairs.
  2. As the name suggests, pavement ants nest under concrete sidewalks, rocks, and pavement. The pavement ant is only about 1/8th inch long and is dark brown or black. Even though they nest outside, these tiny ants will move inside buildings as they forage for food. Their preference includes all type of sweets, fruits, grease, and other crumbs of food.
  3. Odorous house ants are also unique, getting their name from the strong, foul odor they emit when crushed. This native ant is much the same size and color as the pavement ant and is most easily recognized by the pungent odor. However, once they move inside, the odorous house ant is apt to stay in and nest behind walls or underneath floors. Often, excessive rain and water soaked ground will drive the odorous house ant to seek shelter inside.
  4. Field ants are just slightly larger than the pavement or odorous ant, reaching about 3/8th of an inch and lighter in color. They are an outdoors ant, living in meadows, fields, and lawns but will make their way inside buildings as they are foraging for food. Some of the foods that attract field ants include meat, sweets of all type, and spilled liquids.

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