St. Louis
Rebecca Roberts
January 16th, 2014

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – To some people, the cold weather isn’t just a pest; it’s bringing pests into their homes.

With their fur coats, rodents are durable creatures. But even they prefer a warm, cozy attic to being out in blustering winds and snow.

“We deal with 60 to 70 calls a week, just dealing with rodents,” says Rottler Pest Control Technical Director Jay Everitt, who knows these rodents can often wreak havoc.

Everitt explains, “Rodents as a rule have to gnaw on things to keep their teeth sharpened. So the fear you have there is chewing on wires in your attics, they could be chewing on your cable lines, which could cause problems with your internet, things like that, but fire hazard is probably the number one with them chewing on the wires.”

They also chew through siding. To get rid of them, his team often sets up traps, and then ensures that any holes leading into the home are sealed. Everitt says it’s also important to keep trees trimmed away from rooftops: “These rodents can jump pretty well, but the farther you can trim them back, the better off that is.”

How can you tell if rodents are running rampant in your home? Chances are, you`ll hear them. “A lot of times you`ll hear scratching, chewing, but usually it`s early morning, that 4 to 5 o`clock time frame, you`ll hear them jumping around. And even a small rodent can sound like an elephant up in your attic,” explains Everitt.

But it`s not just mice and squirrels. Raccoons are also a problem, and Everitt says, the most invasive: “If they want in, they`ll peel siding off, they`ll rip shingles back, so if you see stuff around the outside of your house, like insulation on the ground, shingles, even pieces of siding, you should basically get someone to take a look at that for you.”


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