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cockroach up close

Yes. There really is such a thing as cockroach milk. It isn't milk in a form you're probably familiar with, and it isn't likely that you'll be having a glass of it with that midnight peanut butter and jelly sandwich anytime soon. The milk from cockroaches is actually crystals harvested from the midgut of developing cockroach embryos.

While it may sound disgusting, there could actually be a market for cockroach milk. Researchers who are looking to bring this product to the market say that it is a superfood. In equivalent mass, cockroach milk contains three times the energy of buffalo milk and four times the energy of cow's milk. That is a powerful cocktail of protein, essential amino acids, lipids, and sugars.

It may seem strange that anything good can come out of a cockroach; after all, cockroaches are vectors for a long list of diseases some of which lead to stomach symptoms such as vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea. However, like all disease-spreading pests, cockroaches can be completely clean of disease when raised in captivity. In fact, the Chinese even eat cockroaches for their health benefits.

What makes these pests a risk for disease when they get into homes and businesses is their attraction to filthy things as they run freely through dumpsters, trash cans, trash heaps, sewer systems, and other nasty places. That cockroach that perched on your toothbrush could be the same cockroach that was perched on the rim of your toilet. And since this is an insect that eats rotting organic material and even feces, you probably don't want it nibbling on your pantry foods or crawling around in your silverware drawer.

If you live in our Western Illinois or mid-Missouri service area, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions can help you keep "free-roaming" cockroaches out of your home or business. The specialists here at Rottler are educated in the habits and habitats of pest cockroaches, as well as the most broadly accepted treatment options available to exclude them. With our QualityPro certified team, you can expect the highest standard of service and treatment every time.

Cockroaches may have health benefits when they are raised in captivity, but wild cockroaches can bring disease into your home or business. Seal them out with Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions.

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