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Carpenter Ants in St. Louis


Perhaps you have noticed that ants in St. Louis are back at work and while many ant species found in our homes are merely a nuisance pest, some are capable of causing structural damage like the carpenter ant.  Commonly confused with other types of ants and even termites, it is important to understand the defining characteristics of the the carpenter ant so that appropriate action can be taken.

In the natural world, carpenter ants serve many beneficial purposes. Not only are they a natural predator of many common household pests, but they are also a predator to the wood destroying termites. Contrary to the common belief, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood like termites. They simply carve out galleries to create their colonies. During this process they also break down wood debris and create soil, which is very beneficial to the natural landscape.

The problem is when carpenter ants move into in your home. They prefer moist, decaying, or hollow wood to carve galleries for their living quarters, but will establish satellite colonies indoors and destroy the wood that they find within.

If you do spot an ant, or many, in your home it is important first to identify which species it is. Carpenter ants are larger than most and typically a blackish or reddish color. They have bent or elbowed antennae and they can be found both inside and outside in wood. It is important to remember, even if it is a carpenter ant that you have spotted inside your home, they build colonies slowly which means their destruction to wood will be slow as well. Contact your local pest control company to come and inspect your home and identify the type of ant and the best solution for your specific problem.

For residents living in St. Louis, Columbia or elsewhere in our Mid-Missouri service area,  Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions will take the ant worries off your shoulders. Leave it to the experts in ant control to take a look at the problem and help you to not only get rid of ants currently in or around your home, but to prevent future carpenter ant activity. Contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today to learn more about the home pest control services in St. Louis.

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