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carpenter ant found in st. louis home

While termites hold the position of the most common wood-destroying pest to invade your home, carpenter ants come in a close second. These insects cost home and business owners across the country millions of dollars in damages each and every year. For most, this is an expense that you don’t need. The reason these pests cause so much destruction is that you typically don’t even know they are inside your home because it’s an ‘inside job’. No, really! Deep inside! Carpenter ants will burrow into wood and make pathways and nesting sites inside. The only hint that you may have an infestation is finding small piles of tiny wood dust where the ants have pushed the chewed wood out of the way.

You may think that because fall is here that you don’t need to worry about carpenter ants anymore. You may think that because the temperatures are beginning to drop that there is no need to worry. You may think that even if these pests survive fall, they will surely be all done once winter weather arrives. You may think these things, but they would not be true. Carpenter ants don’t really care how cold it is outside. Once they have gained access, they will live deep inside your nice, weather-controlled home. The winds can howl and the ice and snow can fall and those carpenter ants will remain snug as a bug inside your walls doing what they do best – tunneling.

If your home is infested with carpenter ants, then you have plenty to worry about. This year round problem requires year-round protection like the protection of Rottler’s Signature Protection program. We offer some of the most comprehensive pest protection in the industry, and we have green options available too. Our trained and certified team of professionals can handle your carpenter ant infestation or any other pest infestation that comes your way, safely and effectively; and it’s all backed by our money back guarantee. That’s the family owned difference that has made Rottler Lawn & Pest Solutions a trusted name in pest control in the St. Louis area for the last 60 years.

Don’t allow carpenter ants to nestle in your walls this winter. Get the affordable protection that works from Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. We are only a call or a click away.

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