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Brown Recluse Spiders Are Not Your Average House Spider

If you have not yet learned about brown recluse spiders, it is important to know that this arachnid is not your average house spider. The brown recluse spider is typically a light brown color but can vary from cream colored to dark brown or even a dark gray, almost black color. They have a black line on their abdomen that often resembles a violin or fiddle and are sometimes called violin spider, fiddle-back spider or brown fiddler.


Unlike house spiders, which are a nuisance pest, the brown recluse spider is considered a more dangerous species. They are not aggressive in nature, and in fact prefer to be left alone in well-hidden areas, but when threatened, they do contain a venomous bite that can cause the need for medical attention. In some cases, hospitalization is necessary due to a brown recluse spider bite and there have even been fatalities reported rarely. For the most part, these spiders are trying to stay far away from any human interactions.


Brown recluse spiders, when inside of the home, are mainly found in closets, attics, or other secluded and dark areas. Because we want you and your family to avoid encounters with brown recluse spiders, here are a few tips from the St. Louis exterminators at Rottler to help prevent spider bites during this spring season when you may begin to see more spiders in your home and on your property.

  • Shake out shoes before slipping them on, especially as we transition from winter to spring.

  • Shake out towels, sheets, and other linens that have been sitting unused for a while.

  • Before trying on second hand clothing or clothes that have been stored away, shake them out to make sure that there are no spiders in the mix.

  • Remove spider webs with a vacuum anytime you notice them in the home.

  • Seal off cracks or gaps along the exterior of the home that leave an opening for spiders and other insects to get inside.

  • Trim back bushes and tree branches so they do not touch the side of the home thus creating a bridge that spiders and their prey (small insects) can use to gain access to the home.

In addition to these spider prevention tips, it is also important to maintain year round pest control services in St. Louis. Barrier treatments are a great way to prevent spiders and insects from invading and this is a more proactive approach rather than waiting to see spiders and then having treatments done. So, if you happen to notice any brown recluse spiders in your home, or any other types of spider, give us a call at Rottler and allow our team of professionals to safely and effectively get rid of spiders in your home and on your property.

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