Think of the words "creepy crawler" and you will almost immediately think of spiders. Of the types of spiders in Missouri, black widow spiders are more intimidating than most pests in our region and for good reason: they are highly poisonous. Unfortunately, in St. Louis the summer heat often drives infestations of black widows and creates a climate where they can thrive. This is why it is all the more important that residents learn how to identify black widow spiders and take precautionary measures. At Rottler, it is our job to make sure pest control is at the top of your priority list to keep your home and family safe and unaffected.

North America accommodates 5 species of widows, consisting of 3 strains of black widow (southern, northern and western), a brown widow and a red widow. However, there are 2 varieties of black widow spiders that have been found in the Midwest. The first one is the northern widow, which has a body that is 1/3 to 1/2 inch long, shiny black or brownish-black and can be distinguished by a string of 3 or 4 small red spots on the rear half of the upper stomach, in addition to the characteristic red hourglass pattern on the bottom side of the circular shaped abdomen. The legs of this spider are skinny and long, with a length of about 1 and 1/2 inch. Males are smaller and have red or orange spots that are more noticeable on the stomach. Learn more about black widow spiders in St. Louis and Missouri.

If you have not had an infestation yet, it is absolutely possible to keep it this way. Spider prevention is sometimes as simple as eliminating the possibility for them to string a web and where there is no web, there is no spider. The following measures can be taken to reduce your chances of having professional intervention:

  • Eliminate crowded vegetation

  • Install door sweeps to eliminate space under doors

  • Trap and remove any spiders found wandering in the home as well as vacuum any webs found

  • Inspect produce and groceries for spider activity before buying

If black widow spiders have shown up in your home, contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today. Our experienced technicians take spider control seriously and will implement effective exterior barrier treatments that treat the following areas:

  • Around the perimeter of the foundation

  • Underneath siding

  • Patios & decks

  • Chimney attachments

  • Exterior trim

  • Thresholds

  • Both inside and outside outbuildings

  • And more

Another option is to implement pest control services every other month that will address spiders and other unwanted pests. Learn more about our home pest control services in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri.

Today is the day your home can be pest free! Put your fear into gear and call Rottler today to see what treatment plan is right for you.

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