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carpenter ant up close in chesterfield

The world is filled with ants. In fact, current estimates predict that there are more than 12,000 of them. That figure will vary greatly, depending on who you ask, but everyone can agree that there are a lot of ants in the world! So it isn't surprising that ants get into our Chesterfield homes. What IS surprising is that many of us let them in, while ant infestations are actually preventable. And, even though we have several species of ants that get into our homes--and each one is slightly different--the strategy to prevent them is the same.

Whether you're dealing with destructive carpenter ants, invasive pharaoh ants, or stinky odorous house ants, you'll need to address attractants and work to eliminate their colonies to protect your home. If you have pavement ants, acrobat ants, field ants, or small honey ants, guess what you'll have to do? You'll have to address attractants and work to eliminate their colonies. Here's how.


Ants of all shapes and sizes are looking for food when they come into your yard. Your goal should be to prevent them from finding food. Ways to do this are to make sure exterior trash is in sealed containers, and reduce plants and flowers if you can.

Ants don't just need food, they need water. If you have any pools of water that form after it rains, address these quickly.

Many ants need moisture and will be drawn to a home that has a lot of shade and moist ground. Trimming trees and bushes to let the sun in can help make your foundation perimeter less inviting.

Colony Elimination

When it comes to eliminating colonies, this is best done by a professional. The right product must be selected for the right species of ant and it must be applied in a way that doesn't cause budding (a colony to split) which can make your problem worse. A professional is also trained to make sure those ants are gone. If you have a carpenter ant issue, this is extremely important.

Simple Solution

If ants appear in your home and you determine that they are not carpenter ants, you can suck them up with a vacuum, clean the area where the ants were found, and do an inspection of your exterior walls and seal the possible entry points they came in through. This may solve your current problem without the need of a professional. If it persists or you would like a more permanent solution for your Chesterfield home, reach out to Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. We know how to eliminate ant problems.

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