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family traveling for christmas

It is really hard to believe that the holidays are here again already. In some respects, the days have literally flown by but the time away from family has seemed like an eternity. The excitement of being back together with loved ones is building, and you can hardly wait to head home to visit with childhood friends and old school mates. You have everything planned. Your tickets are purchased, and you found them at a great price. You have packed your bags and then re-packed them. You never have been very good at figuring out exactly what you wanted to wear, never mind having to try and decide a few weeks in advance! In the midst of all of this planning, traveling, and visiting, don’t forget to keep an eye out for bed bugs.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are now a fact of life. These tricky, little elusive creatures have found their way back into American lives. Most cities across the nation are reporting huge increases in the number of bed bug infestations. This means that you must be on your guard as you travel home for the holidays.

Understanding where bed bugs frequent goes a long way in avoiding contact with them. All modes of transportation are at risk, including planes, taxis, and boats. Hotels and motels are surely vulnerable to an infestation, but so are hospitals, schools, malls, and family homes. This is why it is so important to watch for the signs that bed bugs leave wherever you go.

Look for shed casings that these bugs leave as they go through their several stages of developments. Search for the tiny bugs themselves in seams of seats, mattresses, furniture, and any other place that people will rest. Check outlets in rooms for signs of black streaking, this can be an indication of a large, active infestation. Also, look for small brown spots and dried or fresh blood stains especially on furniture and mattresses which may be the fecal matter and the blood droplets from their feeding activities.

Keep in mind that most people do not even realize that they have bed bugs living in their midst for several months. It is entirely possible that even when visiting family members that they are also hosting bed bugs, unaware. This is why it is important for you to be on your guard, even when you return to your hometown for the holidays.

After all your careful consideration and your diligence in watching out for these elusive pests, they can still slip by all your defenses and travel home with you from the holidays. If this happens, don’t panic. Just call the bed bug experts here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Our highly trained, certified pros can quickly identify where these pests are hiding out and safely and discreetly eliminate them. There is no need to worry about the bed bugs biting when Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions is on the job.

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