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bed bug crawling on bed sheets

"I think my son came home from college for the weekend and brought bed bugs into the house."

It is possible. Bed bugs certainly do love college, but not for the same reasons we do. They have no aspirations for higher learning. These little blood eaters love any place that is filled with humans lounging around or sleeping. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs have to crawl to get to their food. This makes them inclined to be in close walking distance to as much food as possible.

Another reason colleges have issues with bed bugs is because these are hitchhiking pests. They aren't likely to crawl across the lawn and squeeze in through an exterior dormitory wall. These bugs travel into dormitories inside luggage, clothing, and electronics. And, to make matters worse, most colleges have students that come from all over the world, even from countries where pest control measures are limited or nonexistent. This can make it extremely difficult for colleges to keep these pests out.

At Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, our on-staff entomologists have been studying the alarming increase of bed bug infestations in the United States and have found a solution that is proactive, not reactive. Rather than wait till these bugs feed and make their presence painfully noticeable, our technicians find these bugs before they feed. The secret can be found inside the nose of a dog.

There is no doubt you are familiar with drug sniffing dogs. You may even be aware that dogs are used to sniff out ammunition and bombs. But do you know that they can also be used to smell for bed bugs? It is true. They can smell bed bugs even before they hatch from their egg sacks.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell that acts almost like x-ray vision. When a dog sniffs the air, they smell everything at once, and are able to distinguish between the smells. Even if something is being heavily masked by a perfume, those dogs aren't going to be fooled. They are able to detect the smell they are trained to locate, with amazing accuracy. For this reason, bed bug dog inspectors are vital in the detection and strategic eradication of these pests. They help human inspectors locate areas of infestation quickly and with no disturbance to the areas they inspect.

If you're sure that bed bugs have come home with your college student, or you want to be sure they didn't, our canine bed bug inspectors can help. Canines are a powerful tool in the provocative fight against bed bugs. Don't wait till those bed bugs are traumatizing you or your family. Get proactive today.

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