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Bed Bugs Are Not Just in Beds

As their name suggests, bed bugs are given a lot of credit for infesting our mattresses. But did you know that bed bugs can actually be found in many other places in your home, apartment or hotel room? No longer is a quick search of the bed enough to identify an infestation. These pests could be hiding in many other hidden cracks and crevices. Without knowing all of their hiding places, residents and travelers in the St. Louis area are risking a bed bug infestation.

Since bed bugs are nighttime feeders, they are generally spending their days hiding in dark, hidden places where they will not be found. Then when night falls and these critters sense our breath, they crawl out of their hiding places and onto the bed in hopes of feeding on our blood. So in the event of a major infestation, you are likely to see signs of bed bugs on your mattress as this is where they will be biting you, however there are many other places to check before you can say that you are free of bed bugs.

To help you more efficiently spot any infestations, here a few of the hiding places for bed bugs aside from the mattress:

  •     Headboard

  •     Nightstands

  •     Under carpet

  •     Behind hanging artwork

  •     Upholstered furniture

  •     Couches

  •     Electrical outlets

  •     Television or entertainment stands

  •     Floor board cracks

  •     Loose wallpaper covering

Clearly, bed bugs are not partial just to beds. So don’t let yourself fall victim to the bite or bites of bed bugs. Thoroughly inspect your home, apartment or any hotel rooms you stay in to be sure that you are in the clear. Although bed bug bites do not affect everyone, they can lead to major home infestations that will leave you and your family very unsettled to turn out the lights at night.

If you have identified an infestation in your home or would like more information from the St. Louis bed bug experts, contact Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today. With K-9 bed bug inspections and bed bug heat treatments, these critters will be a thing of the past.

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