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Bed Bug Tips For Summer Vacation

It’s time to start preparing for summer vacations! When making your lists of things to remember, sunscreen and flip-flops are standard summer vacation necessities but don’t forget a flashlight for bed bug inspections! Sounds a little crazy but the truth is that being prepared to avoid bed bugs before you travel is key to keeping a bed bug free home. Many vacationers have found that it is far easier to cross paths with bed bugs while traveling than they had previously thought. But the good news is that the St. Louis pest control specialists at Rottler are here to share some tips to help you avoid run ins with bed bugs on your next summer vacation.

Tip 1: Check the online Bed Bug Registry before booking your hotel. This site will show any recent bed bug outbreaks that have been reported.

Tip 2: Pack your clothing in large, sealable bags to help prevent bed bugs from being able to hide out in your clothing.

Tip 3: Pack a flashlight so you can perform a thorough bed bug inspection once you have arrived at your final destination. Bed bugs often hide in dark, well-hidden areas so a flashlight becomes very handy.

Tip 4: Do not just check the bed for bed bugs but also the headboard, nightstands, under carpets and along the baseboards, upholstered furniture-especially the seams, and even in electrical outlets. These are all common bed bug hiding places.

Tip 5: If you are only looking for live bed bugs then you may miss them altogether. As mentioned before, bed bugs are great at hiding so we also recommend looking for the evidence that bed bugs leave behind.

  • dark spots on sheets which could be blood spots or fecal matter left after bed bugs feed on human blood
  • light brown colored exoskeletons which bed bugs shed as they grow into adults
  • waking up to itchy welts on the skin that were not previously there - aka bed bug bites

Tip 6: If your bed bug inspection turns up with no sign of bed bugs, we still recommend keeping clothing stored in sealed bags and keeping your luggage up off the floor on a luggage stand. Do not use the bureaus provided to hold your clothing.

Keep in mind that even if you follow these tips to prevent bed bugs, it is still possible that they will find a way to latch onto your clothing or bags and make the trek home with you. So if you start to notice signs of bed bugs at your home, please contact our St. Louis pest control team at Rottler. We offer K-9 bed bug inspections as well as bed bug heat treatments in St. LouisColumbia, and surrounding areas in Mid-Missouri so that you can quickly and effectively get rid of bed bugsCall us today to learn more!

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