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Bed Bugs And Frequent Travelers

Are you a ‘road warrior’? Do you spend more time on the road than at home? If you do a lot of travelling for your job or even for pleasure, that probably means you spend a great deal of time in hotels. In fact, you probably spend so much time in hotels that you’ve learned exactly which hotels you should visit and which ones you should avoid. But the problem lies here- there is no good way of knowing which hotels have bed bugs. It’s not exactly something a hotel wants to advertise and even though there are helpful resources available to tell other travelers about bed bug sightings and bed bug bites like the Bed Bug Registry, ( you sometimes have to wonder if the reviewer has an axe to grind and if the claim of bed bugs isn’t actually truthful. Here are some useful tips to help you recognize bed bugs from the professional bed bug services at Rottler Pest Solutions.


Signs of bed bugs include:


  • You may see little reddish brown dots, spots or smears on bedding, near headboards, along the mattress or box spring. This can also be obvious on airplane seats, benches in the backs of taxis and on other sources of public transportation. These ‘spots’ are bed bug feces or blood spots and can be found in close proximity to where people spend a lot of time.

  • Shed bed bug skins. These are very pale in color and are usually translucent. As a juvenile bed bug grows into an adult, it sheds its skin several times and these shed skins are a definitive signs that bed bugs are present or in the vicinity.

  • In a large infestation, a sweet musty odor can be detected. If you are just returning home, this scent would be quite obvious to you. But this odor is usually only noticeable when the infestation has become severe, and isn’t known to be present in smaller infestations.

  • Bed bug bites on your skin upon waking. These bites usually come in groups of three and some people have allergic reactions to them and the bites feel itchy, while others have no reaction to these bites at all.


If you have noticed any of these signs while traveling or when you return home, you could have bed bugs. If you suspect these pests may be lurking in your suitcase, or you think you’ve already brought them home, give us a call. We would be happy to inspect your home (or just your luggage, if you’re not home yet!) for signs of bed bugs. If we determine you do have a bed bug problem, we will get rid of bed bugs for you with our bed bug heat treatments or another effective bed bug treatment, depending on your unique situation. Our bed bug removal services are sure to quickly and discreetly eliminate these pests; our bed bug heat treatments can get rid of the problem in as soon as one day!


If you are a road warrior and you spend a lot of time traveling, you don’t want to spend the precious time you do have at home battling bed bugs or other pests in Missouri. Contact the pros at Rottler today for pest control in Columbia, Jefferson City, St. Charles and throughout our service area to achieve a pest free property that you can appreciate coming home to!



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