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spray insulation being installed

There are many responsibilities that go along with the joys of owning your own home. One of those involves the ease and efficiency of heating and cooling the home. The other task is to be able to keep the home free of household pests. When it comes to energy efficiency, the greatest contributor is attic insulation. Heat rises, allowing more heat to escape through the attic than almost any other place in the home. A properly insulated attic will keep the heat from escaping through the roof during winter months and will resist the hot temperatures from coming in during the summer months.

Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions provides the answer for both responsibilities in one application. Rottler has been installing special attic insulation that lowers heating and cooling expenses while providing continuous, nonstop pest control protection for many years now in the St. Louis area. This service uses InCide Attic Insulation, a product that never loses its effectiveness. This material is also treated with a safe fire retardant that stops the spreading of fire with no harmful gasses being emitted, adding additional value and protection. This InCide Pest Control Attic Insulation is registered with the EPA and will prevent insect infestations anywhere it is applied. Insects are killed when ingesting the material. It even exterminates some insects upon contact.

The benefits of this special attic insulation are many. The InCide Attic Insulation product is also mold resistant. It is designed to keep mold or mildew from germinating and meets ASTM standard for fungus resistance. This is a great benefit as often times, moisture can collect in attics that are not properly vented. The highly effective fungicide has been scientifically proven to work against mold germination by Dr. Jose Herrera at Truman State University.

It is estimated that heating and cooling the home represents well over 50% of all utility bills. In comparison, lighting throughout the house averages only 6% of your utility bill expenses. It is easy to see the importance of attic insulation being properly applied to the home. For home improvement applications, InCide is able to be added right on top of any existing insulation. For new home construction, it can easily be installed throughout the home.

Provide your home with these benefits by reaching out to Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions today. The Mission Statement of our second generation, family owned and operated company says it all: “Our goal is to be known for superior service and a steadfast commitment to exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations.” Enjoy a pest-free home that is energy efficient and comfortable by contacting Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions.

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