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squirrel in st louis missouri

A sound that homeowners dread is the scuttling, scratching, and gnawing sound that rodents make in your wall. Squirrels, rats, and mice are all common rodents that will may seek to move into your house in search of food, water, shelter, and look to make a nest. Not only rodents, but other wildlife such as raccoons or skunks may make their way into your garage or attic in search of the same things. Although these animals may avoid human contact, they can still cause an abundance of problems in your home. They can cause damage to your woodwork by chewing, destroying your belongings in storage, creating fire hazards by chewing on electrical wires, and spreading bacteria and pathogens from their excrement.

Because they are so reclusive, you may never see the pests that have invaded your home. Besides hearing the racket they generally make, here are a few other signs you may notice:

  • Droppings

  • Gnawed holes

  • Nest materials (shredded newspaper, cardboard, etc.)

  • Food remnants

Not only do rodents cause structural damages to your home, but their droppings and urine can leave you and your family feeling ill. On top of that, if one happens to find an electrical wire worthy of gnawing, your home could be at serious risk for an electrical fire.

If you are lucky enough to be rodent free right now, it is a perfect time to be proactive in your pest control measures and learn some prevention tips so that you do not find yourself in desperation trying to get rid of squirrels in your attic before they cause destruction. Here are some tips for homeowners in Missouri to prevent rodents and other wildlife animals from infesting your home:

  • Keep tree branches and limbs cut back away from the home so that squirrels can’t use them as a bridge to get inside.

  • Seal off any cracks in windows, doors, and around the siding of your home as even the smallest cracks and holes are enough for rodents to squeeze through.

  • Perhaps reconsider the bird feeders, or at least make them inaccessible by squirrels as this will only keep them hanging around your property.

If you have been dealing with rodents in your St. Louis home, or you need help getting rid of raccoons or other wildlife, here at Rottler we have a solution for you. In fact, we can deal with whatever home pest control issue that you may find. Don’t waste another minute, contact us today for wildlife removal in St. Louis!

This blog was originally published on March 31, 2012 and has been updated to reflect the most recent information on wildlife, including squirrels in St. Louis and surrounding Mid-Missouri areas.

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