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springtails are common pests in st louis

If you have spotted an infestation of small, insect looking bugs in your kitchen, bathroom, or potted plants, it is likely that you have a springtail infestation. These small bugs, although closely related to insects, are actually in a group of 6 legged arthropods. Springtails are attracted to moisture, so as the wet season arrives and your home has humid conditions, you very well could be attracting springtails. If you are wondering why they are in your home and how get rid of them, read on for some tips from the St. Louis pest control experts at Rottler.

Springtails generally live in the topsoil outside due to the high levels of moisture. These pests are very small in size, only up to about 6 mm; however, they can invade by the thousands. You may find them in flower beds, vegetable gardens, potted plants, and other areas that offer nutrient rich, moist soil. Springtails get their name from their ability to jump up, or spring. But they do not jump with their legs at all. As their name suggests, they have a tail that springs them up; hence, springtail.

If you have spotted springtails in your home the first thing to know is that they are just a nuisance pest. They will cause no harm to you, your family, your pets or your belongings. However, they are not a nice thing to have in your home. Whether in your potted plants, kitchen, laundry room or bathroom, these critters are attracted to moisture, and within a short period of time they could seem like they are trying to take over. If you have spotted an infestation, the first thing you should do is contact Rottler for a professional treatment, as many store bought chemicals will not be effective in eliminating the problem.

There are also some ways that you could prevent springtails from getting inside as things heat up in the spring and you begin your gardening adventures.

  • Seal off any points of entry into your home. Make sure that doors and windows as well as vents and pipes are properly sealed in order to keep springtails from sneaking their way inside.

  • Reduce moisture in your home with things such as a dehumidifier and proper ventilation in your kitchen and bathroom where water sources are used.

  • Also, check your potted plants regularly, especially after watering, to see if there are any signs of springtails popping up. Overwatering can result in an infestation, so just pay attention to the amount of watering that you do inside.

If you have any questions on springtails, or have identified an infestation in your St. Louis or Mid Missouri home, please contact the MO pest control professionals at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions. Keeping your home pest free as the damp weather of spring arrives can be easy with the help of the pros. Do not let the springtails and other bugs take over now, or any time of the year! 

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