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Black Widow Spider Found In St. Louis

We’ve all probably seen a few spiders in our time, but one thing that many St. Louis homeowners are wondering is whether spiders in our region are dangerous or not. Chances are, the spiders that you are seeing in your home are a type of house spider but there are also other species of spiders including the brown recluse spider and black widow spider that can more of a threat to humans.


Both brown recluse and black widow spiders pose a threat to humans because of potential reactions from their bites, but neither species is aggressive by nature. In fact, they would much prefer to be left alone and will always try to find secluded places to remain during the day and then hunt at night. The trouble comes when these spiders feel threatened or are accidentally handled.


The reason that these spiders are considered dangerous is mainly due to the fact that their bites can produce a strong reaction in humans. Brown recluse spider bites can produce a strong stinging sensation accompanied by potential open ulcers that are slow to heal. Black widow spiders can produce a reaction including swelling, muscle cramps and flu like symptoms. Fatalities have been reported but are extremely rare.


The best way to reduce encounters with dangerous spiders in St. Louis and Mid-Missouri is to try to eliminate the things that they are attracted to. Here are a few spider prevention tips from our St. Louis pest control pros at Rottler:


  1. Eliminate tall grass and heavy landscaping close to the foundation of the home where spiders are likely to hide.

  2. Add door sweeps to any doors that leave a gap once closed.

  3. Place sticky traps to catch spiders in basements, along walls, near furniture, or other areas where spiders are likely to be wandering.

  4. Remove spider webs from around the home.

  5. Be thorough in inspecting things such as clothing in the closet, shoes that have not been worn in a while, or even the curtains and drapes. Before handling these items, check for spiders!


For added protection against spiders, our pest technicians at Rottler highly recommend having exterior barrier treatments to help prevent spiders from getting into the home. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services to get rid of spiders in St. Louis and surrounding Mid-Missouri communities.

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